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FindingYoYo on Magazine

FindingYoYo on Magazine

Founder's message

In my life's greyest moments, my roommate's kitten YoYo brought unexpected warmth. This tiny, shivering bundle of joy, found on a chilly autumn evening, became a beacon of light. Inspired by YoYo's playful spirit and the comfort she offered, my jewelry designs for 'FindingYoYo' took on new meaning.

Each piece isn't just an accessory; it embodies the warmth and happiness YoYo represents.

'FindingYoYo' is more than a brand; it's a tribute to finding inner light and joy, a journey sparked by the love of a little cat that wasn't even mine.

In our fourth year, based in Amsterdam, we at FindingYoYo are thrilled to bring our unique brand to the next stage.

Our jewelry, inspired by the rich art and architecture of Europe, melds traditional elegance with modern flair.

We craft each piece with organic pearls and ethically-sourced gemstones, ensuring they're not just accessories, but personal statements. We seek pieces that tell a story, distinguished by quality and ethical production.

Dual Commitment

Social Impact/Sustainability

We passionately supports Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE) by donating 10% of our profits, underscoring our deep commitment to social responsibility. This contribution is a cornerstone of our ethos, empowering and aiding women in need, and inviting our customers to join in making a meaningful difference with every purchase.

FindingYoyo redefines luxury with a deep commitment to sustainability. Our jewelry, crafted from lab-created gems and recycled metals, is more than just elegant—it's a statement of ethical responsibility. By choosing FindingYoyo, you embrace a future where fashion and the planet coexist in beautiful harmony.